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The easily recycled plastic woven bag group standard panel was held in Beijing

On September 3, 2018, the National Packaging Standardization Technical Committee held the Group Standard Review Conference on easy Recycling plastic woven bags in Beijing.


The current market plastic woven bag upper and lower seams using polyester or cotton thread sewing thread. No matter it is polyethylene, polypropylene woven bag body, or polyethylene lining, it can be recycled to make granulation. However, the materials such as polyester thread and cotton thread sewing thread and composite paper can't enter the granulation process. Can only decompose, screen, discard. The use of unreasonable materials and unreasonable production management will cause unnecessary losses to enterprises and adverse effects on the surrounding environment. This kind of problem is solved by using PP split film line and heat sealing tape sealing of woven cloth to make easily recyclable plastic woven bag. On the plastic. Weaving bag products are standardized production to achieve automatic recovery purpose. 


The formulation of the new standard fully conforms to the basic concept of environmental protection and healthy development of the country. The implementation of the new standard not only completely recycled the whole plastic woven bag, but also reduced the labor cost of cutting and sewing thread, as well as the cost of recovery. And avoid the residue of sewing thread into waste, white garbage, conducive to environmental protection.

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