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Easily recycled plastic woven bag for wrapping

  The China packaging federation has issued The notice on the formulation of the first batch of packaging industry group standards for 2017, which is expected to be completed in 2018. And recently, the plastic packaging of China packaging federation committee is responsible for the drafting of Easily recycled plastic woven bag for wrapping, quasi standard has come, this standard is suitable for polypropylene, polyethylene as the main raw material, through extrusion, stretching into flat wire, weaving, bag of plastic woven bag.

  Shandong Golden Sunshine new material technology co.ltd since its inception, has always strictly implement the national safety standards, production of plastic woven bag bag body and supplementary materials (including sewing thread, tape, lining, and composite materials) material consistent or similar, so as to achieve the purpose of easy recycling, complete control of the production line is designed to provide customers with high-quality, safe recycling multi-functional plastic woven bag.

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